WhatsApp secret tricks codes and hidden features.

By | April 4, 2021

 How toWhatsApp secret tricks and codes hidden features You Should Try.

15 Secret WhatsApp Features Easy to Use and Not secret tricks codes and hidden Fast and Easy for Everyone In recent years, WhatsApp has become a special part of our lives. Or plan some events for which we have included fifteen features of WhatsApp that you may have heard of.

You know someone

Was this the right time to read your message? Fifteen fonts to know and learn about these amazing features that most people do not know. If you think you can easily change the fun of your messages on WhatsApp if you use this logo three times before and after your logo on the message, it’s not much, but it’s still. Well, don’t get me wrong.

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New Pakdata cf 2021 Live Tracker Pakistan Sim Database Online 2020Not on Android devices but iOS.

But if you need to copy and paste # 1 all the time, you should. 4 Font Styles for Changing Font Styles When you are changing fonts, you will also find an essential feature on What’s App that will make your messages bold and amazing with algorithms. The font needs to be changed. For offensive messages, you have a toaster before and after your message. You will send oblique messages by adding drag, and your message can be used easily, and you can use these symbols.

Include all three symbols

With the latest contacts out of curiosity, it also asks if it only works on iOS devices, so which of your contacts are said to be the most important? If you work in this setting and use account and storage. This is because your Whats App list of contacts and groups is also often useful for each of you to send and receive data.

Chat or someone permanent

By harassing you with endless messages, you will silence them. 8 hours a week or even a year, I assume the choice of the last option will be quite annoying; you will always be minimal after WhatsApp. your message, and this Also, a short time and unforgettable,e

No. 11 will create information creators.

Personally, sometimes we use WhatsApp to get to know people we hardly know about. For the model, there are people from dating sites who believe we know the working relationship well. ۔ After setting up WhatsApp, select Account privacy and click. Here, you control whether the user has their own profile. I don’t know what the icon’s status will be, and the last time you saw WhatsApp, it would make you feel even more.

Relax from No. 10

Save the auto to stop because you know. WhatsApp automatically saves every photo and video sent to you. You become permanently ill and delete unnecessary images. If you are angry, your contact message is sent to you. Re-selected chats will automatically save most settings and seriously save incoming media, so you won’t be able to add any dates for hi there.

In calendar NO. 9

Assume cage. You have received a specific date in your message. This hyperlink will appear. Tap on it to create events in your calendar so you can share some important events and meet your friends from the What’s App. There will be an option. Please write every day of the week, for example, Monday. If you’re texting someone, unfortunately, it only works on iOS 8.

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