iPhone users should be not accidentally download this app

By | April 6, 2021

iPhone users do not accidentally  download
this app by mistake;

This person has lost Rs 4.3 crore downloading the accidentally download fake from iPhone Store.  this   Blaming the company, Shakha asked how the fake app store came about.

Karachi: Built-in App Store (App Store) has been introduced in these smartphones to save the users from the mess of real and fake apps.

Users believe that apps coming to this platform are accurate and verified. But for one person, that confidence was boosted.

He downloaded a fake app from the Apple Store, which cost him Rs 43 million, and his whole life fell apart at once.

Select from the Treasure app;

According to a report in the Washington Post, the man’s name is Philippe Cristodolo. To check his Wikipedia balance, he searched for an app called Treasure in the App Store.

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After which, they came across a list of apps in which an app with Treasure’s logo was seen. Philip unknowingly downloaded the app and recorded his details.

Before he knew if the app was real or fake, he lost 600 600,000 or about 4. 4.3 million in savings.

Treasure is famous for bitcoin;

Let us know that Treasure Bitcoin is a popular platform for account information and transactions. This app has millions of users worldwide.

Philip is one of them. But after looking at the same design and looking quite like the original app, Philips faced fraud and lost millions of rupees.

The real job of this fake app was to empty people’s accounts with financial details. Philip was also a victim.

How did the fake app reach the Apple Store?

The biggest question is how this fake app reached the app store of a big company like Apple.

Because any app has to go through a review process to get to the first store, and if it proves to be true at every level, it gets a place in the app store. Philip has also blamed Apple for this.

Apple explained;

When the matter reached Apple executives, they said, “We told us that this is not a cryptocurrency app, but a cryptography app that will encrypt files and secure passwords.” However, after the submission, it turned into a cryptocurrency app, and Apple failed to detect it. ‘

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