How To want to Make A Blog With Adsense

By | May 3, 2021

How To want to Make A Blog With Adsense [Urdo&Hindi ]

I’m going to tell you about how to complete the AdSense account. And I will tell you that you can get the approval of your website and blog through Google AdSense.

If you are on Blogger or WordPress are on. But you are not getting approval from AdSense so that you can follow the steps given to me.


1.Your blog should be old and should be traffic.

If your blog is on Blogger and you’ll have to wait 6 months to do it through a subdomain blogger.

Total clearance blogger blog domain to your blog must be 6 months.

Otherwise, you can get approved by .com, org, XYZ, or any top-level domain within 30 days.

Must be at least 30+ high-quality posts

When it is 30 days, you can send for approval to your blog. If you hurry, you can send it for approval at least 15 days later. And you must have at least 30+ posts.

2.These pages are

You’ll need to take some certain pages of your website. This year, you will have the 4 pages, and if they are not made, you can not get approval from AdSense.

1.Contact Us Home
2.Privacy policy page
3.Home About Us
4.Disclaimer page

If you do not create pages privacy policy, you can make them free by Free Privacy Policy. And put it on your website.

You must write about your website about Us Page, what about this and your next future.

Contact us page for you to owe. Google makes sure to check this thing; if your blog on this page does not exist, Google will reject it.

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3.Do not use copied content or spin materials.

Have to update your blog daily for people who steal others’ content and paste it on your site. Google “is more action to copy the content.” If you have no copy or no copy of the spin content posted by your friends, remove it quickly.

It will hurt your services, and your site will not stimulate any of the pages and posts lists. Also, if you apply for AdSense, your site will be the 100 Dis disapproved. This may also be the source of your website Google penalty.

4.Do not use the copied image.

You can not keep a copy of the picture on your website from another website. If you do this, then you will not see an indicator of publication.

Use only images free for commercial use. If you have difficulty taking the thumbnail, give you free photos for commercial use, taking images from a website.

5.Layout or theme

Your blog should be the responsibility of the theme and layout. That is if you open your website or blog from mobile to mobile is an open fit. If it opens with a PC or tablet should be fit.

If your site is not responsible for the layout of your site will be down in the rankings, and you will not get approval from the advertisement.

6.Do not create download or movie websites.

If your site is on downloads or movies and photos, you forget AdSense. But, because you never get approved, you can read AdSense policy.

7.Do not enter adult content.

Google does not promote adult content, so you can not give the ad on this site. Likewise, if you have a young adult image on your blog, you can not take approval from AdSense.

8.Supported Languages

Now, if we talk about the language of AdSense, then AdSense approves a few languages. English is more focused on content because you get traffic from all over the world.

If you write in Urdu, Hindi, or English on your blog, you can still approve. Here you can find the passage which receives some English.

9.For this work, you have to be young

Now let’s proceed. If at your age and you are under 18, you can not AdSense. There are some rules to follow, AdSense Ltd, which you need to follow and verify.

10.Terms of Service must AdSense Online.

Read their terms and services before applying to AdSense because you can get answers to your questions here.

Insults [Gaali Gloch]
There is no good thing to abuse, but if you’re rude about someone on your site, you cannot approve this if you are calling someone. If you are writing a negative post about this kind of product and are published, you will not quite approve. For Asia harms those who write about someone against their policy.

11.Traffic Sources

You have right on your blog or organic traffic. If you believe you have traffic, you will not get approved.

You will not be approved if they are against the payment traffic AdSense policy. However, if you have organic traffic, you can find more chances of approval.

The following were some steps that you can take through the AdSense on your site. If you liked this post, you must write your comments.



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