How to secure your cellphone from pickpocket

By | March 14, 2021

How to secure your cellphone from pickpocket;


In addition to wallet theft, cell phone theft is also the most common crime in metropolitan cities like Jakarta. As you may know, Jakarta does not have good public transport in Indonesia. According to Wikipedia, Jakarta had a population of 9.588.198 million in 2010. That means there are 14,464 people / km2 (too crowded, right?). Not only that, many people come to Jakarta daily from the surrounding cities (Tangerine, Bekasi, Depok, and Bogor) (about 2.8 million!) When you board the train/city bus in Jakarta, Expect a “tuna can” feeling. This condition is used by a “devil man” to steal small things from some other people. Well, wallets and cell phones are the most common.
How to protect your mobile phone from pickpockets
Above: Metro Money
Below: Angkot

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How to protect your mobile phone from pickpockets

Today I will give you some tips on “survive on public transport in Jakarta” without losing your smartphone.

1. Never put your cell phone in your pocket
Always keep your cell phone in your bag. And remember always to have your belongings in front of you when you can see them.

2. Use the basket hidden inside the bag
Some bags have a pocket/basket hidden inside. You can safely keep your cell phone there.

3. Use a lunch box.
Put your cell phone in a disguised lunch-lunch box.

Public. Only use your phone on public transport at this time.
If things are not important, do not use your phone while you are on the Metro Money, Ingkot, or Passenger Line (City Train). Cell phone theft is always looking for someone to show their mobile phone to the public.

5. Never sleep on public transport
This is a headshot for you out of pocket. Not only that, if you are a girl/woman, then some lunatics are insulting you.

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