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How to recording in mobile phone

The Role of a Recording in a Criminal Case

Recording calls are usually carried out in computers utilizing an audio interface or utilizing phone spicing. However, there are many other ways to record a phone conversation.

One of them is through recording calls. Call recording is useful in certain circumstances and is also considered part of business process improvement.

It will give the necessary information regarding the market to determine the appropriate steps to be taken after listening to the recorded phone call.

recording cal;

The recording’s basic technique is picking up the receiver or connecting it to the recording interface. Once connected to the recording interface, a computer equipped with a sound card and speakers will be positioned near the person who will be the call recording subject.

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This will allow the person to speak into the microphone. A specific program can also be used as a recording interface. The microphone can be connected to the computer through an interface cable or a jack spliced to an already existing audio line.

After the recording has been done,

it is then passed on to the controller (who is in charge of the call). He will verify whether there were any errors during the recording process. If there are errors,

corrections will need to be made. The recording is then played back to verify that it sounds good. If needed, any adjustments are made until the desired result is achieved.

There are also times when the recordings must be done because of legal reasons. When this happens, the recording needs to be done by a person who has the proper training.


This is because California Civil Code Section 47 exclusive rules state that an authorized individual must do the recording. Besides, the person needs to be one who has been given the authorization to do so.



There are also situations where the recordings must be done due to investigations. The investigator (who is in charge of investigating the case) will use the recording to establish their case.

The investigator will use the call to elicit information from the subjects (the subjects who answered the phone). This is used to establish whether or not the person on the other end of the call tells the truth and whether they are cooperative with the investigator.


The recording will then serve.

S further proof if need be. In addition to recording the entire conversation, it is also important to document all stenographic writing on the recording device.


This way, it will be easier for the parties concerned to prove that they were present (or at least that they were in some way conversing when the calls were made).


Any changes in handwriting that may have been made before the recording will serve to weaken the case made by the prosecutor. This can greatly affect how the case is handled.

A recording of a conversation can also be used as evidence against a suspect in a criminal case. If a suspect is caught falsely answering a question on his/her police call (i.e., saying something other than what was asked), the call’s audio recording will help clear up the situation.


It will also help disprove any theory that the person actually did not make those statements.

It is also beneficial if the suspect can get free admission (confidentiality maintained throughout the recording) before a grand jury hearing.

This can help to get evidence presented before the grand jury, and if there is an issue raised before the grand jury, it will more than likely be weakened by the existence of the recording.

However, if a recording is found to be completely innocent, it can still clear someone of suspicion. In other words, it will not always be an accurate representation of what took place.

Some people may have mixed up their stories and unintentionally said something else on the recording. It is not uncommon for recorded conversations to be found to have been completely innocent.

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