How can you change your voice on Android phone?

By | April 29, 2021

During his Android phone to call his girlfriend how to change your voice sound


Now to change the voice call with a voice changer effect is very fast and easy
Let your furry fees

Record your special message and background on special occasions by sending beautiful pictures with the music.

Please share your wishes at any time on social media platforms.

Girl voice changer app to change the sound of the art call. Touch the button on your voice, loud and funny Create funny or dark and scary.

On calls to do something fun with your friends?

Change your voice in real-time and the next time you call voice changer – Add crazy sound effects through the magic voice changer.

The application is supported many of the different effects, and you manage to make the best sound effect to the custom parameters.

Voice changer effects with your voice will change a lot of funny effects or improve the overall quality of your singing voice.

To record your voice, use to add effects and high-quality sound with your friends or open audio to share them.
Call voice changer voice changer app to make calls to Art.

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Make your voice high and funny or dark and spooky touch button. On calls to do something fun with your friends? Change your voice in real-time and the next time you’re on the phone with a voice changer call is crazy sound effects

It is a voice changer female to male – magic voice changer and has two features to change from male to female and female to a male voice.

Now this voice changer – through the magic voice changer app you can record your voice, take it on and share it with friends. It also helps to open the facility to run your recorded voice.

With the help of her artistic voice changer, you can follow random fake calls, pretty girls!

It works like an alarm clock, you just have to decide when you want to select your name and choose whether or not you want a vibrator.

Speak in different voices

1. sound changed to Women
2. Change the sound man
a. Talk like a cartoon
a. Select normal voice call option to normal
1. Helium balloon (very loud)
2. funny sound (loud)
3. Man’s voice (voice)
4. horrible sound (low noise)
5. regular voice (your natural sound)

Mention it:

Amazing as entertainment sound recorder and ringtone editor.
Record directly to your voice and change
Amazing effects: monster, alien, loud, ordinary, helium, fast, slow, cave, monster, fly, death

The effect – specific sound: Echo, rub pitch, tempo, volume, bass, mid, treble.
Easy to use high-quality voice changer is
Make funny practical jokes or terrible jokes.
Sound, music, audio files, import, and edit
Please save your record as ringtone, Share, Set

How to use

Change your voice and have fun hearing his voice slightly modified.
Record your voice, easily apply effects, and share with your friends and family.
You can send sounds directly to your changing social media.


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