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By | January 27, 2021

 How to want Best Money Making Android Apps In Pakistan;

Making money online is now a reality. do you know it’s not as easy as it sounds? It’s as difficult as making money offline. You may have seen some ads that claim to make you rich over time. Most of them are scams.

In this age of digital revolution, many smartphone apps are offering you to not easily make real hard cash online. And it is possible. But when it comes to identifying authentic apps, you need to be a little bit more careful and cautious as there are thousands of fake money-making apps.

To make things easier, I am going to share a list of the 5 best-earning apps in Pakistan that can help you make real money online.


1. koroma jobs

Cormo Jobs is a career-oriented application that connects employers with potential employees. It provides an option to create a unique digital CV with state-of-the-art information to complement its education, achievements, career interests, and experience. You can easily download the CV for real-life interviews! Then, as employers post about relevant jobs, consumers are notified and encouraged to apply for the job that’s best for them. The app allows employers to schedule their interviews through the app, ensuring that you get the latest information about your potential job status in real-time.


The best thing about Cormo is that it is not just a portal through which one can get a job. Someone has different options to get better jobs in their field and to improve their skills. These options include video tutorials to help you prepare for interviews, informational articles to help job seekers build careers and certifications in more than one relevant field. Because the app is easy to use, people from all walks of life can easily navigate through it and find suitable jobs. As far as employers are concerned, jobs accepted through the Cormo app are first checked and verified by Google, which ensures that fake jobs cannot be posted on the site. For every job seeker, job opportunities are tailored to their specific interests and preferences.

Korma is partnering with various employers across Bangladesh, India, and Indonesia. Are you easily want change in your career? Try the Cormo app and get new opportunities to make the most money in time!

2.i farmer (Investment App)

Bangladesh is an agricultural country, and a significant part of its economy comes from its agricultural sector. Due to a lack of technology and resources, farmers here do not receive adequate pay or recognition for their labor.

Here’s a unique plan to revolutionize this scenario.

Designed with the vision of becoming the foremost financial institution for farmers, retailers, and businesses, farmers aim to enrich the lives of food producers in a meaningful way. They offer competitive prices to farmers by reducing the need for a middle man between the farmer and the consumer. They use technology to find the best market for modern production, to provide valuable feedback to farmers, and to find the best market for agricultural products.

Not only do they help to find suitable markets for their produce, but they also help farmers to improve the quality of their produce! For example, they use sensors to measure temperature and monitor cow activity on livestock farms. The information collected from these sensors is analyzed through machine learning. Then, if the cow is suffering from disease or pregnancy, it is sent to the farmers with information. This process helps farmers in their work and raises the price of all their products.

How Can You Make Money From farmer? It is easy. They have some sharia-compliant firms. You get leverage to grow your business faster, and in return, you get a higher percentage of profits when they sell their products. You can even remotely monitor and monitor your virtual form through the app! Since farmers are constantly advised on how to improve their productivity, you can be sure that you will reap huge benefits from your investment in these small and medium enterprises. You can recoup or recreate the return on your investment.

3. Sheba Bandho;


First, you need to download the Sheba Bhandu app. Once you download the app and sign in with it, you’ll have the option to enter a name, a valid phone number, and the kind of service you would like your friends to refer to. Just type in the name of your friend to whom you want to refer to service and enter their number and choose the service that you think he might be interested in taking.

Once you send a citation, your friend will receive your citation, and if he takes service from Sheba. ex, you will be rewarded immediately. The reward amount can be Rs. 10 to 10 thousand rupees depending on the services provided.

They will send you money through Bikash. You will receive your prize money each week and you can immediately withdraw it through the Becca account.

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