Change the background of your icon on Android

By | April 27, 2021

Change the background of your icon on Android,


Automatically change your background image! How do I delete my photos Ground? How do I change the background image?

This app is an automatic hanger for photos.

You can remove any screen image and change the background of your image.

Background cleaner can remove the to automatically photo, or photos,

you can use the eraser tool to automatically delete photos.

This photo editor is very easy to use.

Features: Automatic screen wallpaper remover and cleaner.

It can erase the background image and can erase unwanted objects from photos.

Add wallpaper store and share pictures without wallpaper.

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The default background image changes from one view or changes your screen image.

With this wallpaper Wallpapers Editor, you can quickly create a great July.

For example, you can convert the image to download to decorate the body or photographer,

how to use automatic Automatically change your screen image!

How do I delete my photo screen switch?

1. Select a photo from your gallery.

2. Cut the maximum image to get the better image quality

. 3. Wait until the magic. If there are no people in the picture, the app can not do anything, but you can use the Delete delete Ltd crop the photo tool.

4. Use the gum tool for editing images and delete unwanted items from the photo.

5. Gallery select any wallpaper and change the wallpaper image.

6. Create and Share a college. This app is better than others? It is truly automatic and background using automatically leaves Ltd neurological networks.

In most cases, you do not need to use the removal tool. Auto Photos Ground changer beautiful, is easy to use, and   very fast system.




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