5 upcoming WhatsApp features: Read Later, advanced wallpaper and more

By | March 14, 2021

5 upcoming WhatsApp features: Read Later, advanced wallpaper, and more;

WhatsApp keeps on experimenting or updating every week to enhance the user experience and overall because it does not cause any hassle to their users. This is an excellent step for them. Thoughts and God are willing, WhatsApp has reached delicious heights very soon. Facebook’s proprietary messaging platform recently introduced many new features, including missing messages, bulk deletion, shopping, and more. This platform is commercial for the release of maximum features for users globally. Out of the many features to come, we’ve listed five features that will make your experience on WhatsApp better than ever. Take a look.

Read Later

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WhatsApp Red will later reportedly replace the existing archived chat feature. This feature will work in the same way that it has been on holiday for a long time. Once the chat feature is enabled, you will not receive messages or call notifications from the selected contact. You can enable or disable the chat option whenever needed. Unlike the Arcade Chat feature, Read Later will not notify you when a selected contact sends a message.

Mute videos before sending

Messaging platforms are working. WABetaInfo was not allowed to go before the first dumb. As the name suggests, it allows you to interact with any video before it is muted, just like Instagram and Twitter with other media platforms. A moment’s experience of the feature and more to come soon

Report to WhatsApp

An important feature of this is that the messaging platform is still working. Once this message is available, you will report a WhatsApp contact if they send unwanted messages. The messaging platform is introducing a report in the WhatsApp option to make it easier for users to be notified when they need it.

Multi-device support

This feature has been tested for several months. Reports indicate that the multi-device support feature is in the final testing phase and should be available to users soon. This feature becomes even more important as we work from home and connect multiple devices to stay in constant touch with colleagues and do our daily work.

Advanced Wallpaper

Now with WhatsApp’s help, you can change the wallpaper, and it can be used for all contacts. Is intact With advanced wallpaper options, users will be able to select specific wallpapers for a contact. The feature is currently ready and should be released soon for all users.


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